Live – Remastered and Expanded (2022)

Disc 1
1.Candy’s going badG. Kooymans / B. Hay5:06
2.She flies on strange wingsG. Kooymans8:09
3.Mad love’s comin’G. Kooymans / B. Hay9:49
4.Eight miles highD. Crosby / J. McGuinn / G. Clark10:06
5.Vanilla QueenG. Kooymans / B. Hay11:44
6.To the hiltG. Kooymans / B. Hay6:40
7.Fighting windmillsG. Kooymans / B. Hay8:50
8.Con ManG. Kooymans / B. Hay9:20
Disc 2
1.Radar loveG. Kooymans / B. Hay11:16
2.Just like Vince TaylorG. Kooymans / B. Hay6:24
3.Fighting windmills (Brugge 1977)G. Kooymans / B. Hay7:50
4.Eight miles high (Brugge 1977)D. Crosby / J. McGuinn / G. Clark9:13
5.I need love (Brugge 1977)G. Kooymans / B. Hay6:45
6.Radar love (single version)G. Kooymans / B. Hay4:46
7.Just like Vince Taylor (single version)G. Kooymans / B. Hay4:00
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Comes with an 4 track live DVD

Original produced by: John Kriek
Reissue: produced by: Wouter Bessels