The naked truth (2022)

the naked truth
Side A
1-1.IntroductionG. Kooymans / B. Hay / R. Gerritsen / C. Zuiderwijk1:04
1-2.JangaleneG. Kooymans2:46
1-3.Another 45 milesG. Kooymans3:52
1-4.Mad love’s comin’G. Kooymans / B. Hay7:30
Side B
2-1.Why do IG. Kooymans / B. Hay4:24
2-2.I can’t sleep without youG. Kooymans / B. Hay3:27
2-3.Weekend loveG. Kooymans / B. Hay / R. Gerritsen / C. Zuiderwijk2:40
2-4.Vanilla QueenG. Kooymans / B. Hay4:46
Side C
3-1.Twilight zoneG. Kooymans9:13
3-2.One shot away from paradiseG. Kooymans / B. Hay3:59
3-3.Long blond animalG. Kooymans / B. Hay5:22
3-4.Poouring my heart out againG. Kooymans / B. Hay4:18
Side D
4-1.Radar loveG. Kooymans / B. Hay7:43
4-2.Eight miles highD. Crosby / J. McGuinn / G. Clark4:43
4-3.The naked truthG. Kooymans / B. Hay / E.H. Roelfzema4:20
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Produced by: Golden Earring / John Sonneveld
Released on October 28, 2022 on “gold coloured” vinyl and with a heavyweight sleeve with leather laminate finish.